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#080 NeroQom® Wash
The cornerstone of maintenance. Giving your building or superyacht a good wash can be the first step to you experiencing new again.

#080-1 NeroQom®
Check-up Wash

We’ll give everything a wash and check-up on the condition of your project as we go.

#080-2 NeroQom®
Microfiber Wash

Anywhere water can’t go, we’ll wash with our range of microfiber cloths.

#080-3 NeroQom®
Reverse Osmosis Wash

A clean using a professional brush and demineralised water. This is a shower which gives a streak-free result.

#080-4 NeroQom®
Microfiber Wash

A wash, making it wet and dry. The Goal? A professional wash.

#080-5 NeroQom®
Wash Pro

A wash with something extra. We’ll change the character of water to give you a unique result; a deeper clean, ongoing protection or whatever you need.