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The NeroQom Discipline Menu

If twenty years in the High-End-Wartung world has taught us anything, it’s that every project is unique. It’s that experience which has been created and continues to develop our Discipline Menu.

The Disciplines you’ll find below are specialist combinations of our products, know-how, operations and techniques to give you results you can’t get anywhere else. They’re all designed around our ADAPTS strategy to give precise answers to complex issues.

Whatever the issue, wherever the problem, the NeroQom Squad will use ADAPTS to bring the perfect Disciplines to get the job done.

When it’s time to clean, restore, protect, upgrade oder einer replace any part of your project, whether that’s a prestigious building or a superyacht, the answer is here…

But, if you’re not the patient type, you can take a look at the complete set of our Disciplines in these four, convenient and stylish menus:

NeroQom Construction Technique Disciplines (PDF, 255 KB)

NeroQom Material Technique Disciplines (PDF, 282 KB)

NeroQom Process Technique Disciplines (PDF, 272 KB)

NeroQom Operations Discipline (PDF, 272 KB)

Now, for those who want to see everything, sit back, relax and enjoy … 

Construction Techniques.

Something from nothing…
#CT00 NeroQom®

Do you want to create electricity, save on your bills and protect the future? All you need is NeroQom Energy as your renewable power partner. [More]

If all else fails…
#CT01 NeroQom®

When you need technical repair or replacement, our Façade Renew Disciplines are here. Including intensive processes to renew damaged or compromised façade components and elements, we’ll restore the condition of your building. [More]

We really do everything…
#CT02 NeroQom®

Picking the right floor for a space is an exciting step in your project. We’re here to guide and support you in making a choice which ticks the practical and stunning boxes in equal measure. [More]

Material Techniques.

It’s everywhere…
#100 NeroQom®

One of the most beautiful materials we see and one of the most easily damaged, even within the construction phase. Just remember that without the right care and protection, you run the risk of needing to mask or even fully replace your surface, because ano can’t be reapplied onsite. Where others might use aggressive products including abrasives, acid or alkaline, professionals always use pH-neutral, emulsifying products for cleaning and molecular tension protection. That’s why these are all you’ll find in our Discipline Menu. [More]

Any type, any location…
#200 NeroQom®

Always stunning, the range of coatings available makes choosing the right one for your new build project a joy. Your decision will deliver a coated surface with a unique character including its colour, intensity, gloss-rate, hardness, thickness, metallic and structure, the finished design will be truly yours.
But, if your coated surface is subject to neglect, contamination and degradation or the wrong treatments, these characters can be ruined. We see these areas frequently during construction when others carelessly spray on aggressive cleaning products, use abrasives or plaster the surface with poorly applied wax with a fancy name. Issues are caused when cleaners don’t understand the negative impact of their products on surrounding materials or the environmental impact of their process water.
All so easily avoided if you choose a maintenance partner who follows the manufacturer’s O&M, has a proven track record, understands the surface, substrate and can interpret the material’s status. They also need a range of solutions to hand, we all know that one treatment doesn’t work for everything. Pick your partner with care and you’ll keep your design alive by retaining the character of your coated surfaces for years to come. That’s where we come in.

This clearly needs care…
#400 NeroQom® 

For prestigious buildings and superyachts, glass delivers the finest views. But that’s not the only reason glass is so popular material; it’s also cost-effective to maintain and the maintenance is fairly straight forward.
But only if you do it right.
If you don’t, your view degrades and, in the end, the glass will be ruined. Imagine losing transparency, scratches building up and limescale appearing as contamination spreads. When you love your glass, it’s not just about one objective. The impact of a treatment is often beyond what you’d think; removing scratches can create distortion, easy clean protection can discolour glass, leave oily stains or can even act as a glue for contamination. The surrounding materials can also be victims if they’re not considered, your project is more than glass. To get the right results, your maintenance partner needs to understand glass and all the rest. They need a full, deep understanding. If you want to know what that looks like, check out our Glass Disciplines. [More]

We’ll help it last…
#500 NeroQom®

Polyplast is reasonably priced to buy and easy to work with. But if neglected, it can ruin your first impression. Although simple to look after, this is only true if you do it right, if not, you’ll see your maintenance costs spiral and your polyplast turn ugly.
Many others use aggressive products to clean it, you will see that these quickly compromise the integrity of the material and cause expensive restoration or repair. Some even apply layers of wax which can’t bind to the surface, decolourise and simply fall away.
Any professional knows, what you need are pH-neutral products, applied with care, to keep your polyplast looking superb and protect it for the future. That’s why those are the only products you’ll find in our Disciplines. [More]

Hard but fragile…
#700 NeroQom®

Stainless steel offers a uniquely modern and sleek impact. Once seen, it leaves an impression which lasts. So, what does this architectural icon take to look after? It’s tougher than you’d think. When you see stainless steel in the showroom, it looks amazing. But, when installed at your superyacht or façade, it’s easily damaged through scratches, corrosion, the wrong type of polishing, cleaning or protection.
We’ve often seen others using abrasive pads, strong acids to clean and oil or silicone based protection which goes on the surface, not in. This will all result in compromised stainless steel. When working on this surface you must be aware of the finish and how the material was made. During cleaning, it’s important to retain the surface, not burn the protective layer off. Once that happens your stainless steel becomes vulnerable to corrosion. Professionals know that, as with many other materials, we need to care for the surface, not attack it. Long lasting protection needs to be in the material, not just laying on top. When professionals come, the surface is cleaned and can be upgraded with armour and protection for the future, check out our Disciplines to see how it’s done. [More]

Rock on…
#800 NeroQom®

No matter whether its natural stone, concrete or bricks & masonry, we love stone. Being uniquely forged from the heart of the earth, each type of stone needs specialist care and the utmost respect on your façade or superyacht. When left, stone will quickly become contaminated and lose all impact. Worse, you run the risk of it becoming damaged or destroyed. Given time and exposure to the elements, the nature will reclaim even these hardest of materials.
But, if you seek the wrong help, you can make matters worse. Tough as stone can be, if you don’t treat it with care, more problems await you. With excessive pressure with a jet wash, the wrong chemicals or too high speed on a machine all being devastating to your surface. Professionals understand each type of stone, how and where it’s used, what to use and when to treat it. When you understand the surface, what to do is clear. If you’re looking for the perfect balance of understanding, expertise and respect for your stone, you’re in the right place. Let us show you how it should be done. [More]

It’ll only last with care…
#900 NeroQom®

It’s one of the oldest building materials and still a very popular one. Bringing the vibrance and warmth of nature into our man-made world. But we all know nature has its own clock, left alone your wood will degrade and begin to breakdown before disintegrating completely. Many just spread a thick layer over it and call it done. Not professionals. We know you have a responsibility to look after wood. It needs oil, varnish or paint. Each type of wood has unique needs and reacts differently, so patience and experience are a must in wood care. When you ask us to take care of your wood, that’s exactly what we’ll give you and the results will leave you breathless. [More]

Process Techniques.

Stand back…
#010 NeroQom®

When you need a more intensive solution to remove contamination or prepare for future treatments, we have NeroQom Blast Disciplines. We have a range of different compounds, machines and techniques to blast with which will ensure that you get the best result. [More]

Time for a change…
#020 NeroQom®

Restore, restyle, upgrade and protect your surfaces with a new coating application. [More]

Start out right…
#030 NeroQom®

You know what they say, failing to prepare is preparing to fail!
That’s why the NeroQom Squad is trained with a full range of coating preparation Disciplines. These include pre-cleaning, primers, removal of waxes and old coatings, sanding and filling. Each makes sure we get the best finish by starting your job with professional preparation. [More]

Fighting the good fight…
#040 NeroQom®

Minimise the impact of graffiti wherever it occurs with our range of removal and protection Disciplines. [More]

Flexible answers…
#050 NeroQom®

Flexibility is key with our site services. These will be used when you need our Squad to complete a range of Disciplines or when you want to see what we can achieve. [More]

Protect before you start…
#060 NeroQom®

No matter the surface, no matter the situation, we have a range of protection Disciplines to take care of it. [More]

Time for a refresh…
#070 NeroQom®

Change the look and finish of a surface easily by applying a vinyl wrap. [More]

Have bucket will wash…
#080 NeroQom®

The cornerstone of maintenance. Giving your building or superyacht a good wash can be the first step to you experiencing new again. [More]

Bringing out the big guns…
#090 NeroQom®

It takes advanced equipment and a skilled professional to get a result which lets you Experience New every day. [More]


The secret to our success…
#000 NeroQom®

Every project starts with understanding. Using our Analysis and Diagnosis Disciplines, we will complete detailed Assessment of what you need. With that done, we’ll bring the Products and Techniques so our Specialists can help you experience new again. [More]

Leave the details to us …
#001 NeroQom®

Beyond the work on site lies our management services which ensure efficient and professional delivery for every client or partner. Mostly focused on the necessary paperwork and administration to get your project completed effectively, safely and efficiently. [More]

Everything’s under control…
#002 NeroQom®

When the planning is done, it’s time for action. Our logistical Disciplines make sure the Squad and their equipment are in place from the first day to the last and that every stage of the project is completed on time, to your expectations. [More]

Help at every level…
#003 NeroQom®

If you have your own Squad to complete a project, you can still benefit from the expertise and experience of the NeroQom® Squad. [More]

An answer for everything …
#004 NeroQom®

When we’re sourcing high-end products for our projects, they’ll be delivered by www.NeroQomStore.com. So, why aren’t yours? [More]

Something a little special …
#005 NeroQom®

When your project is truly unique, we’ll give you a customised combination of products and techniques to achieve the best results. [More]

Get inspired by us…​
#006 NeroQom®

Your project through our eyes.
We’ll bring our and experience to help you create a completely unique approach to your project, realising your idea completely and ensuring it remains true to your idea for years to come. [More]

Ready to help…
#007 NeroQom®

Bring our technical knowledge to your business by calling in the NeroQom Consultants. You can see more about what we can do at www.NeroQomConsultancy.com. [More]