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A new project during the build phase is one of the most intense environments we work in. Whether it’s laying down a a next generation superyacht or crafting a new building, the complexity of the work and range of contractors operating at once can be a huge challenge which brings a great risk of damage.

That complexity is why we’ve worked to ensure adding NeroQom Services to your site will make life simpler and easier.

We bring a range of Disciplines to make your construction process faster and more cost effective. The range includes:

  • Temporary protection
  • During construction material maintenance
  • Disciplines to protect your warranties
  • Regular defect registration using industry standard software
  • Consultancy to track unexplained damage

Why You Need Us:

  • Up to 7% of site costs are due to failure, we’ll bring that down with you
  • Years of experience working on international and domestic construction sites
  • Industry standard qualifications in place including VCA, IPAF, First aid etc
  • All services delivered by one company with each of our Squad able to deliver a range of Disciplines
  • Experience with working with your defect registration software including Letsbuild, BIM360 and ED Controls
  • Flexible working with fast response, day rate or longer term contracts available
  • We can scale our team to your needs, whether you need 1  or 50 of the Squad
  • Our Disciplines cover every material of your facade, from the aesthetic to the structural
  • Getting our support on your visual comfort early, will speed up your build and make handover more efficient
  • Our Squad is multi-lingual including Dutch, French, English, German and Italian speakers
  • We’ve cover every detail from admin to site clean up after our job is done