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Whether you’re an Architect designing a gorgeous high-rise, a Ship designer creating a luxurious superyacht or a Designer reimaging an existing space, inspiration is key. And the best source of inspiration? Fresh perspective.

That’s where we come in.

With the range and scope of different projects, superyachts, prestigious buildings and sites we’ve worked on, NeroQom is a great source for ideas for you and your team.

We can advise from a visual and a technical perspective, giving you feedback on materials, how they work together and the technical aspects of maintaining them going forward.

When NeroQom is on your design team, we’ll help you:

  • Consider unique materials
  • Plan for the future of your design
  • Look at how your materials will work together
  • Design maintenance plans

Why You Need Us:

  • Our ideas come from  20 years of experience
  • We bring design and technical inspiration
  • We’ll help you build in sustainability from the very start
  • Whether it’s technical or aesthetic input you need, we’re uniquely qualified to help
  • Not matter what types of material you plan to use, we can help you plan the design, build and maintenance of each 
  • For unique, one-off or custom materials we can advise on every step, even production and transportation to site
  • With NeroQom, your design will stay closer to your vision for longer with pre-planned maintenance and protection cycles from day one
  • Our portfolio of clients speaks to the quality and standards we can help you achieve