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Anti-Graffiti & Removal

Graffiti comes in many forms and on many surfaces. The NeroQom Squad has been removing them all for a long time. Whether it’s spraycan, acid etch, marker pen or any of the other, more exotic forms, we’ll handle it.

We also offer lasting protection solutions which will make removing any further attacks much faster to achieve. This has the added benefit of discouraging future vandalism.

Our Disciplines remove graffiti from a vast range of surfaces including:

  • Bricks & Masonry
  • Natural Stone
  • Concrete
  • Coated Surfaces
  • Glass
  • Metal Surfaces

Why You Need Us:

  • Our Disciplines provide complete removal from all materials including any type of paint
  • Protection systems in stock and ready to go
  • Years of experience with a proven track record of results
  • Flexible working options including day rates and fast response options
  • Large, mobile teams able to work wherever you need
  • Fully trained for working at height from harnesses, BMUs or MWEPS
  • Range of environmentally friendly products
  • Low or no water removal options available
  • Disciplines which are suitable for interior or exterior 
  • Temporary protection available for your site area
  • Options to avoid loss of access to treatment area
  • End-to-end solution from one company
  • Training and products available for your team