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Whether you’re looking for technical condition, aesthetic quality or keeping your warranty in place, good maintenance is essential for your building.

The NeroQom Squad has been giving high-end maintenance for decades and we bring that experience to every project we see.

We’re not just washing your windows; our high-end maintenance considers the building as a whole. Everything is thought about; the environment, weather, all materials used, construction methods and finishes. 

The Squad has experience on projects large and small. So we know how to scale to fit any need, no matter how big the area or how long the term. We’ll work closely with you to understand how you want to balance both the end result and budget to we give exactly what you need.

Our maintenance Disciplines are comprehensive and detailed, but headline treatments include:

  • Anodised Aluminum
  • Glass
  • Bricks & Masonry
  • Natural Stone

Why You Need Us:

  • Our aim is simple, to keep your building looking like new for as long as possible
  • We’ll work to get your building the best possible NEN 2767-4 rating possible… and keep it
  • We don’t just clean; we also upgrade, protect and restore your facade
  • The Squad can complete assessment of your materials as we go, giving you detailed reports of the condition of your building
  • We always keep the environmental impact in mind, working sustainably where we can, including with low or no-water treatments
  • 20 years of experience ensures we’ll treat every material without damaging any other parts of your building
  • We bring the products, machines, techniques and experience, one company does it all
  • We’re trained to the highest standards including VCA, IPAF, first aid and much more
  •  From day-rate projects, to Multi-Year Maintenance Plans (MJOP),  we’ll give you clear, transparent pricing and hit your targets, every time
  • You set the rules; give us your timelines, budgets and frequencies and we’ll balance them with the results you need
  • We can work with your defect registration software including Letsbuild, BIM360 and ED Controls