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NEROQOM BV – International Head Office

P.O. BOX 302
NL-4900 AH Oosterhout

Everdenberg 301- 355
NL-4902 TT Oosterhout

T   +31 162466002
CC   200.999.48
VAT   NL8158.28.809.B01

Belgian Office

Uitbreidingstraat 84
B-2600 Antwerp

  +32 32182350
HRA  030.403.099
VAT  BE0846.820.985

Fancy a chat?


    Who do we think we are?

    The Squad

    The Spray Master

    Where you find Arco, you will normally find a spray gun. But, no paperwork. Arco and admin are not good friends. But if you need something coated? You won’t find better.

    The Gentle Ben

    A big man with bigger skills. Ben uses the largest machinery like sandblasters or high-pressure spray guns with ease. He’s a great member of the team and we’re proud to have him with us.

    The Sunshine

    Everyone likes Benoit. Clients, subcontracts and other members of the Squad, he makes the day better and leaves you with a smile. A trusted member of the Squad, if Benoit is on a project, we know we’re getting nothing but compliments.

    The Serious One

    Don’t let his serious face fool you, Bjorn can be the life of the party. It just so happens that when he is at work, he’s all about the job. Every detail will be handled, every issue resolved. Just wait and see!

    The Stone Whisperer

    If he can’t help your stone, no one can. A true friend to the company, Bonne’s knowledge of stone is unsurpassed and we’re proud to have him with us. 

    The Wrap Master

    Carlos is so good with vinyl film application that he’s even been on television. One of the NeroQom family and a man we’re proud to call our friend. Have a coffee with him and you’ll see why. 

    The Turk

    The quiet man, Cihat doesn’t say much but he hears everything. He brings real pride to his work and we’re glad to have him in the squad.

    The Money

    An intelligent, funny, awesome professional … can you tell who pays our salary each month?! When it comes to finances, you won’t find better.

    The Muscle

    Dave is the co-owner or NeroQom, if you’ve had Dave visit you, you’ll know all about it. A man of action and coffee, but few words. He is also a perfectionist in everything he does.

    The Soap Man

    A fast and effective worker, Dennis will leave your project looking better than you’d expect in such a short time.

    The Organiser

    Part of the HQ Squad, Djamila is busy sorting out the back-office side of NeroQom. She’s always busy and half buried behind a pile of folders… we worry if the pile doesn’t get smaller for a week!

    The Manners

    Elly is, in many ways, the inspiration for NeroQom. As the mother of Sven and Dave, they both learned their partners from Elly. She also taught them that hard work and determination are essential to success in life and family.

    The Glass Master

    No glass is too scratched or damaged, Fabio has the skill and experience to tackle any glass-based issue you can bring to us. When he’s with you, the perfect view from your windows will follow soon behind.

    The Fit Master

    The man keeping the NeroQom Squad in best shape and out in the field. Frank manages the team that looks after our fitness and stress levels. Helping NeroQom to spend more time with you. 

    The Tax Man

    Our numbers man and volleyball champion for over 30 years. George is now planning his retirement and to hand over the family business to his son. 

    The Class

    Expert in the world of luxury, Gijs is most likely to be found attending to one of our prestige clients. He also has expert sea legs, so you’ll frequently find him working hard aboard the most gorgeous superyachts.

    The Twin of Benoit

    Just like his brother, Guillaume brings a smile to every job he does. He is a certain to leave with the job delivered perfectly.

    The Master

    Often missing out on Sven’s brother, Henny is, in fact, his Father. Henny isn’t on every job, but when something extra is needed, you’ll find him there, adding his masterful touch … especially if the project is big or involves travel.

    The Sponge Man

    It’ll never look better than when Iddo is done with your project, he’s efficient and quick … he might be done before you realize he’s there!

    The Gopher

    One of the next generation for the NeroQom Squad, Ilja is an apprentice at HQ. His can-do attitude and enthusiasm mean he’s ready for any task he’s given, and he carries them out perfectly.

    The Charmer

    Yes, we know Jelle is lovely to talk to and very charming indeed. Don’t be thinking that’s all though. He’s also amazing at his job!

    The Right Hand

    Second in command for Ramon, Joey helps run the window wash team. If he can’t clean it, it can’t be cleaned.

    The Legal Eagle

    We always try to avoid legal issues, but if we need help, Jurgen will swoop in to dispense his wisdom. His stylish clothing hides a sharp legal mind which only the bravest would tangle with.

    The Interviewer

    Lizzy takes care of all the other Squad members. If you want to work with us, she’s the first person you’ll meet… and the first you’ll need to impress. She’s the key to getting your Doctor’s outfit.

    The Digital Dynamo

    Lois makes the world a prettier place. As the in-house graphic designer, it’s Lois’s job to turn Sven’s inspiration into something amazing… not the easiest task. So, if you see her, give her a cookie.

    The Baby Bear

    Ben’s shadow, you’ll always find them working together. Lorenzo is learning the ropes from Ben and getting better every day.

    The Squad Support

    Years of running businesses have given Louis a wide range of experience. Now he’s part of the NeroQom Squad, bringing his expertise to bear when needed.

    The Belgian Graffiti Assassin

    Ludwig has seen the writing on the wall… and now he’s made it his mission to remove it all. The only man you need to sort out any and all graffiti issues you might have. He may also be the best footballer in the company… maybe.

    The Helper

    Always ready to jump in and lend his expertise, Marco is as skilled as he is enthusiastic. If he’s on the case, then your project is already clean!


    Careful, considered and expert, Mario has the perfect result and a happy client.

    The Scratch Whisperer

    Called in when we have serious glass scratches to remove, Mario can make them disappear like no-one else. Working with a speed and effectiveness you won’t find anywhere else.

    The Trainer

    Our man on the ground. He’s Frank’s guy to keep NeroQom working perfectly by managing our stress and endurance through fitness and diet. We love him unless he’s getting us to do more weights!

    The Precision

    Neville is an experience professional when it comes to paint. The care and attention to detail he brings to the work means that he is perfect for the most delicate and precise work.

    The Street Wrapper

    When it comes to vinyl film application, there’s nothing Nick can’t do. Seamless and perfect every time. 

    The Water Man

    Based in the south of The Netherlands, Nick is the man to get the job done. The south is the only place we have a mountain, so you know Nick is always up for a challenge.

    The Model

    If you see Nicky, he’s probably helping manage your project and making it run smoothly. He can be bribed with good food or compliments about his hair. Or compliments about his clothes. Be warned, this one talks. A. Lot.

    The Power Behind the Throne

    Sven’s wife and guiding hand in NeroQom. Although Nicole is active behind the scenes, you can find the delicate touch in our best decisions.

    The Stone Boss

    If there’s stone, Oliver has a way of making it better and more beautiful. He’s also a master at providing lasting protection as well. When superyachts call, we send Oliver in. 

    The Top Cleaner

    Pascale is the boss of our favourite cleaning team. When it comes to getting the best results, Pascale and her team are our only choice.

    The Lord of the Washes

    Leader of the washing team, Ramon leads his guys from the front, showing them how it’s done. His attention to detail is only surpassed by the results he delivers. 

    The Spiderman

    If he can’t get to it, it can’t be gotten to. Remi is our rope specialist, a true professional in accessibility. 

    The Side Kick

    Working with Ben, Rempert is another great man with the heavy equipment for us. He’s a man who always gets the job done.

    The Talent Finder

    Rene finds people for Tamara to interview. With his help, we only have the very best working in the squad.

    The Fixer

    Ruben is a man of many skills, he’s the grease which keeps NeroQom running smoothly… but he can also advise you on the latest clothing styles and how best to decorate your office. You wouldn’t think it to look at him, but there you have it. He’s powered by stress and music.

    The Paint Doctor

    There’s nothing Ruud can’t make disappear with his spray gun. When it comes to paint application, we’ve found the best and the best is Ruud. 

    The Grey

    Simon is a master with polishing equipment. He knows what your project needs. He can select the exact equipment to get the perfect result. Once he’s done, the job is a perfect ten. Why do we call him the Grey? Simple. He’s always covered in a layer of dust when he’s done. The project is spotless. But Simon is grey.

    The Words

    The written creations of NeroQom come from effect service, forehands and backhands. From ping-ponging ideas with The Boss, the possibilities of the alphabet result in a pleasure to read for all those who want to know more about the high-end maintenance experts.

    The Boss

    The founder of NeroQom and the leader of the Squad. Sven is on a mission to make the world a prettier place, one project at a time! He likes to give people bubbles too, so be nice to him and you never know…

    The Tireless

    Tim never seems to run out of energy, he’s just as fired up and ready to go at the end of the day as he is at the start. A real asset to any project, Tim will keep everyone else energised and on the case.

    The Checker

    Impeccable and professional, Ton keeps NeroQom within the lines. Ton checks all of our legal documents and terms in relation to our Squad.

    The Alchemist

    Wolfgang has a gift. For working with our Disciplines and delivering results which even we’re impressed with. It’s like he makes the products dance and create results beyond our client’s wildest dreams. Don’t believe us? Get him in and witness the wonder.

    The Gentleman

    Wouter brings a unique mix of people and professionalism to everything he does. A hard worker, efficient, punctual and never afraid to take ownership of a situation, he’s one of our best.

    The Italian

    Belgian by birth, but Italian in spirit, Yves is an interesting guy. His tastes, style and behavior will make you think he’s Italian, it’s his accent that gives him away. A hard and focused worker, Yves will leave you happy when the job is done.

    The Protégée

    Son to Sven, Zernez is learning the business at every level. Actively involved with the business at many levels, he’s learning what it takes to be part of the NeroQom Squad from the ground up.

    Have YOU got what it takes?

    Join the Squad

    Are you a specialist? Ready to take it to the next level and enjoy your work? We’re looking for talented folks who are:

      • craftsmen with a sprayer
      • gifted with a coating
      • genius at restoration
      • an inspired painter
      • skilled as a blaster
      • all shiny as a polisher
      • a masterful wrapper
      • the most squeaky-clean window cleaner

    If that’s you, then fire us an email to Work at NeroQom.com and tell us why you should be on the Squad.

    You don’t need to show off or arrive at our offices in a Doctor’s outfit. We’ll give that to you later.

    Just show us who we’ll be working with. That’s who we want to see.

    Oh, but cake, we like cake. Definitely bring cake.

    Is it serious? Is it comedy? Is it both? Read on to find out…

    The big FAQ

    Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions, here you will find a mix of the serious and the insane. We leave it up to you to decide which is which…


    Who is NeroQom?

    We’re the leading International Glass Metal Maintenance Expert for Prestigious Buildings & Superyachts. Bit fancy? Okay, we like to Clean, Restore & Protect, it’s a thing we do. Still a bit vague, huh? Okay, last try … we’re architects in high-end maintenance against damage, aesthetic degradation and contamination. Yeah, that’s about right.

    What is the biggest challenge in being the best?

    The imitators, it’s got so bad we’ve copyrighted all of our text and images. Honestly, some people will steal ANYTHING. And on the internet? Who would have thought! Anyway, if YOU are thinking about “borrowing” any of our work, you might want to check out the  terms and conditions  for this website. Just saying.

    How long has NeroQom been around?

    Quite a while. We‘ve been around since the prestige building industry and superyacht manufacturing really took off. We’ve been doing this since 2001, which is a pretty long time when you think about it.

    What does NeroQom do?

    Well, how long have you got ?! But, I mean, you’re on the website, it’s all on here. I’d recommend you have a quick read. Oh, and  here. It’s worth it, we spent AGES writing this. Seriously. A long time.

    I’ve seen that you did something amazing for a project similar to mine. It’s on your website. So, you can do that for me too, right?

    In theory, yes. In practice, we’ll see. The work you see here is our best work, the stuff we’re really proud of. If your project is similar to one we’ve done it before, then we should be able to do yours too, let’s talk about it and work out the details. Knowing that every project is different is one of the greatest strengths of our ADAPTS strategy. So, let’s have a coffee, chat and take a look at your options. We make no promises until we know all the information.

    How do you know you have the right solution?

    Other companies use trial and error to learn. We complete research and development, so, unlike some we don’t test our ideas with your investment. NeroQom completes extensive, real-world assessment of all our products and techniques before we bring them to you. This ensures that your project won’t be our learning curve.

    Does NeroQom have a base in Italy?

    Well, yes, we do.

    We have offices in The Netherlands, Belgium and Italy. Throughout Europe we solve the hardest problems. In Italy our Southern European Superyacht Office is in a country house which is about 500 years old. Situated in the middle of Livorno and Marseille to service lots of Northern European manufactured yachts.

    It’s an outdoor paradise really. The country house is part of a royal family owned estate, surrounded with many olive trees, fruit trees… it’s really quite pretty. You should visit. … Maybe try one of the downhill biking events? We’ll have a coffee and take in the view. It’ll be nice. I mean, it’s not like a date or anything, let’s not make this weird, okay?

    That said, the food is amazing, the sun beams down, you’ll find a smile on everyone’s face. And the coffee? Giovannacci Cafe! It might even be better than the coffee at HQ*. You’ll see what we mean.

    (*Don’t tell George Clooney we said that, he’s very sensitive about his coffee)

    If NeroQom is all about the Research and development, what type of research do you do with your products?

    We conduct our tests all over the place. Many products and techniques are only tested in a lab on one material and it’s “good enough” to sell. We disagree.

    The thing is, any project we work on will be subjected to the real-world. The one with rain, wind, pollution, sea air, graffiti, different materials… so many things which need to be considered. So, we test in the real-world. All over the world. We’ve treated materials and then left them submerged in water for months or baking in the sun or generally been mean to them to see what happens. From the Alps to the Mediterranean, we’ve been all over the place testing our techniques and products.

    We don’t want to find out what happens with our methods on your building after they’re on. We want to know before you even call us. That’s why we do extensive testing of everything we use and do, and it’s also why we always get the results we expect.

    What’s one of the strangest business stories you ever heard?

    It’s about another company. In the office they had many fish. The most famous was called Elvis (“vis” being Dutch for fish). Sadly, Elvis passed away. As did the other fish. We heard the last fish met it’s end in mysterious circumstances. They are conducting a full investigation. Nothing is confirmed, but they have many suspicions. We’d love to help, but it’s not really our area.

    Are you cleaners?

    No, sorry. We love cleaners, they’re great people. The good ones work with us to keep the world beautiful. The bad ones are some of the most frequent sources of business for us; they damage it, we fix it.

    What we do is beyond making something wet and dry again. We use our ADAPTS strategy to deliver results which simple cleaning never can.

    We’re less cleaners and more… the Restorers of New. No. The New Fairy? Wow, no. We’re more like magicians, so… Gandalf with a pressure washer maybe? You know what? We’re the NeroQom Squad. That says it all.

    How can I mail the person in charge?

    We don’t have a person in charge. We’re an egalitarian, communist commune of like-minded individuals who each have an equal say. Or so the boss tells me.

    Alternatively, all of our email addresses are the persons first name @NeroQom.com, so as long as they gave you their real first name, you can contact them.

    I notice you’re not part of “xyz” association, why is that?

    We love what we do, so we’d rather be doing our job than talking about it. Plus, we don’t really see the benefit for you. Paying to have a sticker on the side of our vans and website isn’t as important as the results we bring to our clients. Judge us by the projects we’ve completed, not the industry associations we’ve paid to be in.

    The only stickers we use are the ones we need to ensure a safe working environment. After all, those are really the only ones which matter. Things like IPAF and VCA, those have value to us.

    I find the new Star Wars films to be less satisfying and poorly structured by comparison to the original three. Why is this?

    It’s not Star Wars, it’s you. You were younger when the original three movies came out and you still loved life so you were more forgiving. Now that you’re old, you feel sad more often, and are easily disappointed by new movies.

    If you’re a real fan, the boss has a dog who looks like Yoda. But his name is James. It’s very confusing.

    Top tip for successful maintenance?

    The best results come from long-term relationships. Why? Because it lets us control and correct as we go along. This helps us know your project so that we can proactively deal with issues before you even notice them.

    We’re finding more and more clients like working this way, so they call us before there’s a problem. It saves time, money and trouble. Who doesn’t want that? After all, failing to prepare is preparing to fail, or so we’re told!

    Where does your cleaning lady come from?

    Budel. It’s our mum. She doesn’t give us pocket money if the office is too untidy.

    Where are your favorite cat gifs, like, ever?


    Would you like to see the stone flooring in my new kitchen?

    It depends, does it need maintenance?

    If so, we know someone who’d love to help. But it’s a bit small for us. That said, you know what’s not small? Our network. So, even if we can’t help, we probably know someone who can. We’re really very useful like that.

    What’s your favourite quote from Shakespeare?

    To be or not… er… that one. It’s really quite clever. Discusses some interesting ideas about the human condition and stuff. You should totally read it.

    Are there any clients you’d never work with?

    Our wannabe competitors. I mean, I know they’re the ones who need the most help but… I prefer spending time with real clients who need help making things beautiful…

    Is there a God?

    Well, that’s a long conversation and will require more coffee, but, in short? Yes. No… Yes and no for some people. Except for when it comes to what we do, then yes, there’s NeroQom!

    Why have you got to be such a smartass?

    If you’ve got a gift it would be a shame to waste it. Right?

    May I kiss the bride?

    Only if she wants you to. Oh, and if you’re going to, check your breath. Give your teeth a clean too. We can’t help there either!

    What is the secret of creativity?

    In the morning? Coffee. Lots of coffee. After lunch? Bubbles.

    Does your Squad know how to work in ABC specific environment?

    Specific? Yes, our Mums taught us the best manners… oh and we’ve been doing this since 2001 so we know what to do and when to do it. Just check out our sector pages for more information or drop us a line if you have very specific needs.

    But in general, we work in banks, hospitals, petrochemical facilities, train stations, hotels, villas, airports, shopping centers and on superyachts. We ‘ve got all the plans, paperwork and documents necessary to do the job. Crucially, we’ve also got the experience too. Good, eh?