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Nothing lasts forever.

When it’s time to turn back the clock for Prestigious Buildings, our skill and experience makes it happen.

We’ll plan everything to ensure your objectives, timeline, specification, and budget are met.

The NeroQom Squad offers a comprehensive suite of restoration Disciplines including:

  • Glass restoration
  • Glass scratch removal
  • Anodised aluminium restoration
  • Coated surface restoration and protection
  • Coating application
  • Stainless steel restoration, polishing and brushing
  • Graffiti removal and protection
  • Restyling guidance and planning

Why You Need Us:

  • Whether you’re restoring a monument, historical building or remodelling something more modern, we can help
  • Our services cover every aspect of restoration. You only need one company to do it all
  • End-to-end from planning to completion
  • We know budget and schedule are crucial in restoration, that’s why we’ll work with you to make sure it all happens as you need
  • We help you avoid replacement with our repair and damage removal Disciplines
  • Whether you want to retain the original material, coat or wrap it, it’s not a problem for NeroQom Services
  • The Squad are experts in colour and finish matching, so any restoration can be completed seamlessly
  • Whether it’s inside or outside, ground level or at height, we have the experience, equipment and skills to make it happen
  • Our past clients speak for themselves, no matter how large your project, we can scale to make it happen
  • No need to close down, we can often work whilst your building is still in use