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As your project nears exploitation and the deadlines loom near, it’s time to plan for a successful and quick handover. The chaos which can happen at the end of a project often leads to damaged surfaces, compromised materials and a growing list of problems.

That’s when you need NeroQom Services.

As your maintenance contractor, we can proactively tackle your snaglist to ensure it’s dealt with before your client sees it. We’ll work our way through your site, fixing damage, battling contamination and ensuring every space is one your client will be proud of.

The Squad can also apply upgrade protection layers to ensure the condition of your materials for longer and, in some cases, add value to your client by making the surfaces easier to clean.

We can also work through unexpected or unexplained contamination, providing consultants who will help get you answers when no-one else can.

Our handover expertise includes:

  • Project check-up by defect registration using industry standard software
  • Control and correction of discovered issues
  • Consultancy to track unexplained damage
  • Material upgrades to make them longer lasting
  • Easy clean treatments available

Why You Need Us:

  • Fast, efficient response with a proven track record of success
  • Get amazing results without impacting your material warranty
  • Industry standard qualifications in place including VCA, IPAF, First aid etc
  • All services to take care of every material on your façade delivered by one company
  • Disciplines to clean, restore, protect and upgrade your project
  • Experience with defect registration software including Letsbuild, BIM360 and ED Controls
  • Flexible working options so we can fit into your deadlines and schedule
  • Large, mobile teams able to scale to over 50 multi-disciplinary specialists on your site at once
  • Options to balance your quality requirements with the reality of your budget
  • International reach including Squads present in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands
  • Dedicated account manager to look after your handover, end-to-end