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#010 NeroQom® Blast

When you need a more intensive solution to remove contamination or prepare for future treatments, we have NeroQom Blast Disciplines. We have a range of different compounds, machines and techniques to blast with which will ensure that you get the best result.

#010-1 NeroQom®
Dry Ice Blast

Dry ice enables the Squad to clean without water and without leaving residue, a great result without the mess.

#010-2 NeroQom®
Precision Blast

We blend dry ice with professional compounds as we blast to customise the results to your needs and surface. This Discipline uses advanced blasting technology to deliver results you won’t believe with minimal residue.

#010-3 NeroQom®
Sand Blast

The Squad has a range of professional compounds to blast with which can be used on specific surfaces to deliver the results you need.

#010-4 NeroQom®
Dry Ice Fusion Blast

When you need an intensive cleaning or preparation solution, we can customise our sand blasting recipe to get the job done.