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#200 NeroQom® Coated Surfaces
Always stunning, the range of coatings available makes choosing the right one for your new build project a joy.

Your decision will deliver a coated surface with a unique character including its colour, intensity, gloss-rate, hardness, thickness, metallic coatings and structure, the finished design will be truly yours.
But, if your coated surface is subject to neglect or the wrong treatments, these can be ruined.

We see this a lot when others carelessly spray on aggressive cleaning products or plaster the surface with poorly applied wax with a fancy name.

Other issues are caused when cleaners don’t understand the negative impact of their products on surrounding materials or the environmental impact of their process water.

All so easily avoided if you choose a maintenance partner who follows the manufacturer’s O&M, has a proven track record, understands the surface, substrate and can interpret the material’s status. They also need a range of solutions to hand, we all know that one treatment doesn’t work for everything.

Pick your partner with care and you’ll keep your vision alive by retaining the character of your coated surfaces for years to come. That’s where we come in.

#200-1 NeroQom®
Coated Surface Restore Pro

Coated surfaces can be very sensitive as their pores absorb contamination easily. So, we use our pH-neutral, emulsifying deep cleaners to restore the appearance of your coated surface from even the heaviest contamination.

#210-1 NeroQom®
Coated Surface Restore Protect

Coated Restore Protect brings back the character of your coated surface. We start by removing any compromised surface structure then vulcanising the surface to protect it. Once complete the colour, gloss-rate and hardness will be restored.

#210-2 NeroQom® Coated Surface Restore Protect Pro

Restore the original colour, gloss-rate and hardness of your coated surface whilst maintaining the finish and condition. We’ll remove the compromised surface structure before adding NeroQom Molecular Tension Technology which will leave a long-lasting durable protection within the coating.

Coming soon

#220-1 NeroQom®
Coated Surface Upgrade Protect Pro

Upgrade your coated surfaces, ideally from the very beginning, and make it easy to clean as you do it with NeroQom Molecular Tension Technology. This Discipline will retain the quality of any colour, gloss-rate, hardness, thickness, metallic finish and structure for years to come.