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#040 NeroQom® Coating Prep
You know what they say, failing to prepare is preparing to fail!
That’s why the NeroQom Squad is trained with a full range of coating preparation Disciplines. These include pre-cleaning, primers, removal of waxes and old coatings, sanding and filling. Each makes sure we get the best finish by starting your job with professional preparation.

#030-1 NeroQom®
Coating Prep Pre-clean

We start off in the right way by completing a thorough, deep clean of your surface to remove contamination.

#030-2 NeroQom®
Coating Prep Primer

When you need a new paint or coating, we will apply a primer to your surface to ensure the best finish.

#030-3 NeroQom®
Coating Prep Removal

If your surface has been damaged with poor or incorrect products, such as wax or paint, the Squad will remove it before we apply the right solution.

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#030-4 NeroQom®
Coating Prep Sand & Fill

When the surface has been compromised by scratches, chips, dents or corrosion, we’ll sand and fill your material as needed.