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#CT01 NeroQom® Façade Renew
When you need repair or replacement, our Façade Renew Disciplines are here.

Including intensive processes to renew damaged or compromised components, we’ll restore the condition of your building before you know it.

#CT01-1 NeroQom® Bricks & Masonry Renew

Over time bricks and the masonry between them will degrade, left unchecked, this will lead to ugly or even dangerous deterioration. So, before this happens, it’s time to renew. We’ll replace the jointing of the mortar and replace brickwork to leave your wall safe, secure and beautiful again.

#CT01-2 NeroQom®
Façade Glass Replacement

When it can’t be repaired or you want to give your building an energy upgrade, we’ll replace your glass. Providing an efficient and safe professional service where you need it.

#CT01-3 NeroQom®
Façade Leakage Repair

Whether through age, poor maintenance or design issues, a leak on your façade can be visually and technically destructive. We’ll track down the source, repair it and tackle any damage we find.

Coming Soon

#CT01-4 NeroQom®
Rubber Care

Renew the rubber around your glass to keep it effective and flexible for longer. When it’s time to replace, we’ll help there too.

#CT01-5 NeroQom® Sealant Care

Apply new or replace damaged and old sealant in your structure to make it secure, renewing it for the future.

#CT01-6NeroQom® Façade Sunscreen Care

Sunscreens are a great feature for your building. We help them stay that way through professional cleaning, renewal, repair and replacement as needed.