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#CT02 NeroQom® Floor
Picking the right floor for a space is an exciting step in your project. We’re here to guide and support you in making a choice which ticks the practical and stunning boxes in equal measure.

#CT02-1 NeroQom®
Floor Liquid Application

The application of a perfect floor coating takes skill and care. The Squad can apply a range of different floor coating types with whichever finish you need.

#CT02-2 NeroQom®
Floor Renew

We’ll make sure your floor looks like it was just laid. The Squad will check for visual and technical comfort across the whole area, no detail is left unchecked.

#CT02-3 NeroQom®
Floor Panel Install

Modern floors come in a range of different materials including PVC and laminate as well as varying, styles and effects. We can install them to whichever space you need efficiently, whichever you choose.

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