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#400 NeroQom® Glass
From prestigious buildings to superyachts, glass delivers the finest views.

But that’s not the only reason glass is such a popular material; it’s also cheap to maintain and the maintenance is fairly straight forward.

But only if you do it right.

If you don’t, your view degrades and, in the end, the whole material will be ruined. When this starts, you’ll lose transparency, scratches build up, limescale appears and contamination spreads.

When you’re maintaining your glass, it’s not just about one objective. The impact of a treatment is often beyond what you’d think; removing scratches can create distortion, easy clean protection can discolour glass, leave oily stains or can even act as a glue for contamination.

The surrounding materials can also be victims if they’re not considered, your project is more than glass.

To get the right results, your maintenance partner needs to understand glass.

They need a full, deep understanding. If you want to know what that looks like, check out our Glass Disciplines.

#400-1 NeroQom®
Glass Film Application

Change the character of your glass with a self-adhesive film. We can add safety, UV protection, decorative design, security and much more.

#400-2 NeroQom®
Glass Protect Shield

The best protective nano coating to increase the strength, safety and performance levels of your glass.

#400-3 NeroQom®
Glass Upgrade Protect

Give your glass a nano upgrade with our NeroQom® Molecular Tension Technology to make your glass easy to clean and give it lasting protection.

#400-4 NeroQom®
Glass Repair

Effective repair of chips using transparent or coloured resin.

#400-5 NeroQom®
Glass Restore

Designed for the heaviest contamination on any type of glass, our pH-neutral emulsifying deep cleaners will make it like new again.

#400-6 NeroQom® Glass Restore Etched & Sandblasted

Using our active cleaner, we can remove the heaviest contamination from within the structure of your glass.

#400-7 NeroQom® Glass Scratch Removal Large Area

The most effective solution for removing scratches or pits of any size and depth over a wide area on glass.

#400-8 NeroQom® Glass Scratch Removal Precise Area

Effectively remove small numbers of scratches of any size or depth from your surface, including shaped glass.

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