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#040 NeroQom® Graffiti
Minimise the impact of graffiti wherever it occurs with our range of removal and protection Disciplines.

#040-1 NeroQom®
Graffiti Removal

Effectively and efficiently remove graffiti from a range of surfaces with our market leading techniques.

#040-2 NeroQom®
Graffiti Removal Maintain

Remove difficult graffiti from more sensitive surfaces. One of our most powerful solutions, it always gives great results maintaining the condition of the material underneath.

#040-3 NeroQom®
Graffiti Removal Pro

For only the most stubborn or deep graffiti, Clean Pro removes the toughest challenges to give you the best results.

#040-4 NeroQom®
Graffiti Removal Wipes

Perfect for quick cleans over small areas of specific materials, our graffiti wipes are as effective as they are convenient to use.

#040-5 NeroQom®
Graffiti Shadow Removal

If cleaning graffiti leaves a shadow behind, our active solution will remove them and leave your surface flawless.

#041-1 NeroQom®
Graffiti Permanent Protect

The perfect solution for areas prone to paint vandalism. Once applied, this hard-wearing, permanent coating will protect your surfaces and make removing graffiti fast & easy.

#041-2 NeroQom®
Graffiti Semi-permanent Protect

For delicate surfaces, this will give semi-permanent protection to your surface from spray paint and come off when the graffiti is removed leaving it ready for the protection to be reapplied.