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#500 NeroQom® Polyplast
Polyplast is reasonably priced to buy and easy to work with. But if neglected, it can ruin your first impression. Although simple to look after, this is only true if you do it right, if not, you’ll see your maintenance costs spiral and your polyplast turn ugly.
Many others use aggressive products to clean it, you will see that these quickly compromise the integrity of the material and cause expensive restoration or repair. Some even apply layers of wax which can’t bind to the surface, decolourise and simply fall away.
Any professional knows, what you need are pH-neutral products, applied with care, to keep your polyplast looking superb and protect it for the future. That’s why those are the only products you’ll find in our Disciplines.

#500-1 NeroQom®
Polyplast Restore Protect

By using our pH-neutral emulsifying system we will restore the appearance of your polyplast. Providing a deep cleaning and lasting protection to keep it beautiful.

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