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#001 NeroQom® Project Management
Beyond the work on site lies our management services which ensure efficient and professional delivery for every client or partner.

#001-1 NeroQom®
PM Accessibility

Crucial to any successful project is our ability to gain access to our work area. We’ll use which ever method gives the best results.

#001-2 NeroQom®
PM Administration

Every project requires paperwork, this is where we take care of it.

#001-3 NeroQom®
PM Environment

We take the wellbeing of our natural environment very seriously and will always minimise any impact where we can. We will use whatever methods are needed to meet your, governmental and our own environmental standards.

#001-4 NeroQom®
PM First Aid

We plan carefully to ensure the wellbeing of our Squad and clients. That’s why the Squad includes many first aid trained members.

#001-5 NeroQom®
PM Multi Year Planning

A detailed programme of planning to maintain your investment in the short-, medium- and long-term.

#001-6 NeroQom®
PM Proposal

For complex, large and detailed projects, producing an accurate proposal takes a lot of work. This Discipline covers the effort and expertise we’ll use in this specialist process.

#001-7 NeroQom®
PM Safety

Considering any specific needs of the project, legal requirements and our own standards, we will ensure the best safety solutions are used every time.

#001-8 NeroQom®
PM Security

Security covers all aspects of a project, from complying with access requirements to protecting information on site; security is always a high priority.

#001-9 NeroQom®
PM Squad Development

If we need to complete some specialist training or certification to work with you, we’re always happy to learn and this is how we’ll get it done.


#001-10 NeroQom®
PM Subcontractor Terms Review

When working with you, we’ll always give our terms with every estimate or quotation. If you respond with a different contract or terms, we’ll need to give it a read and ensure we’re happy before we start. When that’s needed, we may charge for the time it takes and any experts we need to get help from.

#001-11 NeroQom®
PM Supervision

If your project needs regular or constant site visits, then this is how we do it. Whether it’s for reviews, quality control, management or documentation, we’re there to get it done.