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#050 NeroQom® Site Services
Flexibility is key with our site services. These will be used when you need our Squad to complete a range of Disciplines or when you need to see how we work.

#050-1 NeroQom®
Site Services Day Rate

When you need flexibility, our day rate will give you access to the full Discipline Menu when and how you need it. It’s truly expertise on demand.

#050-2 NeroQom®
Site Services Test Day

For more unique and unusual projects, we’ll use these test days to show how we work, establish timelines and give you a demonstration of results.

#050-2 NeroQom®
Site Services Supervision

If your project needs regular or constant site visits, then this is how we do it. Whether it’s for reviews, quality control, management or documentation, we’re there to get it done.

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