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#800 NeroQom® Stone
No matter whether its natural stone, concrete or bricks & masonry, we love stone. Being uniquely forged from the heart of the earth, each type of stone needs specialist care and the utmost respect on your façade or superyacht. When left, stone will quickly become contaminated and lose all impact. Worse, you run the risk of it becoming damaged or destroyed. Given time and exposure to the elements, the nature will reclaim even these hardest of materials.
But, if you seek the wrong help, you can make matters worse. Tough as stone can be, if you don’t treat it with care, more problems await you. With excessive pressure with a jet wash, the wrong chemicals or too high speed on a machine all being devastating to your surface. Professionals understand each type of stone, how and where it’s used, what to use and when to treat it. When you understand the surface, what to do is clear. If you’re looking for the perfect balance of understanding, expertise and respect for your stone, you’re in the right place. Let us show you how it should be done.

#800-1 NeroQom®
Stone Algae Clean

From light to heavy growth, we can remove most types of algae from your stone and reduce future growth.

#810-1 NeroQom®
Stone Fluid Protect

NeroQom® Stone Fluid Protect is an innovative, comprehensive and effective system to protect any type of stone. This includes natural stones, concrete, bricks and masonry.

#810-2 NeroQom®
Stone Cream Protect

Professionally protect your concrete, bricks & masonry with our Cream Protect system which offers unique application options.

#810-3 NeroQom®

Invisible armour inside your concrete, bricks & masonry which gives self-cleaning properties whilst degrading air pollutants. Protecting your stone and improving the quality of the air we breathe.

#820-1 NeroQom®
Stone Restore

A versatile cleaning, restoration and maintenance solution for concrete and many types of natural stone. We can tailor our solution depending on the type and level of damage or contamination. This Discipline includes polishing, sanding or brushing techniques.