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#060 NeroQom® Temporary Protect
No matter the surface, no matter the situation, we have a range of protection Disciplines to take care of it.

#060-1 NeroQom®
Temporary Protect Liquid Membrane

Flexibly applied liquid temporary protection which will dry to provide a layer of protection. This layer will be applied to the thickness and strength you need.

#060-2 NeroQom®
Temporary Protect Liquid Membrane Pro

Liquid temporary protection which we can adjust the character of to match your needs, including different colours, hardness, fire-resistance, anti-corrosion and much more.

#060-3 NeroQom®
Temporary Protect Solid

Available with a variety of characteristics including colours, different levels of transparency and thickness. From boards to carpets to films, these are flexible and hard-wearing temporary protection solutions

#060-4 NeroQom®
Temporary Protect Squad Site

Using a range of specialist methods, we will isolate our work area to prevent damage or contamination.