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#900 NeroQom® Wood
It’s one of the oldest building materials and still a very popular one. Bringing the vibrance and warmth of nature into our man-made world. But we all know nature has its own clock, left alone your wood will degrade and begin to breakdown before disintegrating completely. Many just spread a thick layer over it and call it done. Not professionals. We know you have a responsibility to look after wood. It needs oil, varnish or paint. Each type of wood has unique needs and reacts differently, so patience and experience are a must in wood care. When you ask us to take care of your wood, that’s exactly what we’ll give you and the results will leave you breathless.

#900-1 NeroQom®
Wood Renew

Maintain, repair or upgrade the condition of your wood, including colour and finish, with our range of renewal products and techniques customised to your specific wood.

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