For 20 years, NeroQom Services has provided high-end maintenance for the construction, realestate, restoration and superyacht industries. We make sure that the first impression is “wow” for every prestigious building we work on.

It’s that wow which retains the reputation and value of all the gorgeous projects we look after.

Whether we’re called to a prestigious building or superyacht, and no matter which phase or condition it’s in, the NeroQom Squad has Disciplines to restore and retain your visual comfort.

As your Contractor, we’ll work with you to ensure the highest standards which you’ll quickly come to rely on. We’re Craftsmen of professionally cleaning, restoring and protecting a vast range of materials using truly unique techniques.

Whether you need us during build, in exploitation, for routine maintenance, regular protection or when you’re restoring back to the original condition, we’re ready when you are.

With the focus of our ADAPTS strategy and the power of our Discipline Menu in our hands, the range of results we can achieve is huge. That’s one of our greatest strengths, having an answer for every issue and a solution for every material. It means you only need one partner for all of your visual comfort needs. 

So, how can  we help? Well, you can either get in contact and we can tell you ourselves or take a look at some of the materials and phases where the brilliance of the NeroQom Squad can really shine!

Our Projects:
You’re only as good as the clients you work with… so here’s some we’re the proudest of…

What’s so special about NeroQom?

NeroQom is unique.

There. We said it.

We’re the perfect blend of  traditional craftsmanship  with  cutting-edge technology. Seamlessly fusing pride in our work, refined skills and attention to detail with the latest products and equipment, we get results where others fail.

For nearly  20 years  we’ve been making the world a prettier place. Looking after the most  prestigious buildings  and  superyachts  around the world.

We do this with our unique  Discipline Menu  to take on and resolve any issues that our clients have. Whether it’s damage, aesthetic degradation or heavy contamination, we’ve got the only answer you need.

If we have a flaw, it’s our need for perfection. For us, the job is only finished when the result is as good as we would want it in our own home and you’re happy.

That’s why we’re  craftsmen .

It’s not what you do … it’s the way that you do it.

The cleaning industry is full of magic products, ideas which have been around since black & white TV was the latest technology, unchanged as the world moves forward. We see it so much.

Not with NeroQom.

In our world of high-end maintenance, we’re not product lead. We won’t walk through your door with a box of product before we’ve any idea what you actually need, want or the condition of your site.

We start with knowledge of what we can do and all our experience. Before we develop an understanding of your needs and project. Then combine the two to get a unique, custom solution tailored for your objectives.

How do we do it? Well, that’s simple to explain but hard to do… ready?

  • We’ll meet with you to discuss what you actually need.
  • Next, it’s time to review a sample of the issue to fully understand it

With that done, we’ll start our report and recommendations process, that will give you:

  • A discussion of your project through our eyes
  • Analysis of what’s happening
  • Diagnosis of the problem
  • Assessment of what will happen if you do nothing
  • Discussion of traditional, outdated services which others may offer
  • An overview of how the issues should be addressed
  • Our recommendation of the Products & Techniques to meet your needs
  • A little on our Squad and their experience completing this type of work, just so you know you’re with the best.

We know knowledge is power, that’s why we’ll ensure you have all of the information you need to understand our recommendations and to make an informed decision for the future of your project. No magic products. No outdated ideas. No ignoring the environment. In fact, the only traditional idea you’ll find with NeroQom, is the pride we take in our work.

So, who’s ready to see how maintenance should be done?

It’s all about Visual Comfort

When you’re the only company like you, it can be tough to explain what you do and why you’re different. When there’s no one else doing what you do, it’s pretty tough! We spent a long time thinking about it. After all, there’s only one NeroQom.

Yes, we have our Discipline Menu , the dream team that is the Squad and our long track record of results, but what do we do? After a lot of coffee and some very tasty bubbles, we cracked it.

NeroQom brings Visual Comfort.

It’s results you can see. Quality and finish of a job well done. Visual Comfort brings back the WOW factor to your project.

When we’re done, your prestigious building will inspire the city and your superyacht will leave everyone breathless.